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If we normally do not rev up at this point and demand ACOE reject any more abuse to the finally accessible site of fresh water, who will?.

Mosaic try operating into this problems on an equine also known as a€?JOBS.a€? I will tell an individual, Mosaics hires reduced workers per acre than nearly any some other profession. Under 3,000 staff members at ita€™s greatest, on land the size of some counties. The calculations computes at about one employee for every 250 miles. Actually national park conquer that.

Below is definitely a park your car that when existed, however today is finished, historical past, no sign of life, ingested all the way up from mining. Florida has lost a great number of could-be leisure destinations, charging our market or possibly preventing precisely what possess happened to it. But there is however only barren wrecks.

I ask your, END mosaic from ruining the previous little just what Florida are. The estimated prices to your secure that sit neglected are 10s of billions of bucks and we were cursed with the bill. How can we shed the instructors and let this HUGE corporation put us with useless dirt and another of danger?

I’ve provided a list below of impacts triggered by phosphate mining incase one needs a subject matter to focus on, called a€?False Fatea€? be sure to, you need to, Please allow us to away. It’ll just take one or two minutes. Read More »