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With many merged emails about union these days (and often the religious)

it’s got not ever been more essential for married people to make their particular nuptials to the reliable foundation of God’s phrase. Memorizing Scripture as a couple of try a robust application in the hands of Jesus doing that.

Here Bible passageway about union and living aren’t an extensive list, nor can they all send particularly with the wedding romance. But this variety is a fantastic starting place memorizing the Bible as several which means that your opinion, terms, and measures is going to be satisfying to the beautiful dad.

Select Four Techniques Of Mastering

  1. Learn Scripture airways. (Obtain PDF)
  2. Pray for God’s help feel, obey, and possession His own actual facts.
  3. Review each Scripture passing with its appropriate context for the complete photograph and maximum fullness.
  4. Listen to the sermon linked with for any passing with your spouse to drill depper. (Courtesy of The Gospel Coalition Reference Library.)

Ten Handbook Passages for each and every Married Couple to Learn

1. Mark 12:29-31 — The Greatest Commandments

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