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Boys happened to be more satisfied than ladies on four crucial size.

Fast-forward twenty years, and also this wrong believing continues. Despite the fact people actually have pretty close career priorities, the belief that lady advantage career less is widespread. Most of us learned that 77percent of HBS graduates overalla€”73% of males and 85% of womena€”believe that a€?prioritizing relatives over worka€? is the primary shield to womena€™s a better job. (we all observed simply the the exact same figures as soon as we restricted the study to students who will be in leading administration placements and once all of us incorporated exec knowledge graduates, recommending that this conviction packs some punch.)

Jointly alumna in her mid-thirties noted, a vital element is still a€?deep-rooted perceptions that lady ought to be the principal caregiver, that makes it a€?understooda€™ that this model career may need to grab a seat long as close male co-worker go forward at a prompt schedule.a€?

We all thought about whether graduates went part-time or taken a vocation pause to care for offspring, and ways in which usually. Zero of these facets clarified the gender difference in senior maintenance. Read More »