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Different graphs on posts add in further basic “statistics”, such as for instance a club data that promises 0 per-cent of females on North America dating app

Ok Cupid felt that the boys these people watched had been when you look at the finest level of appeal.

Sam*, an associate from the r/Tinderdata line, also discussed vague information with me: “According to info from Tinder, these people found that not as much as 1 per cent of males are now acquiring a tremendous match currently talk proportion. This simply shows even more that with the implementation and use of internet dating apps, ladies’ values have become absolutely unrealistic or spoiled.” Sam is a pseudonym as his or her Reddit handle was actually anonymised and then he would be not willing provides his identity.

The objective behind these graphs and statistics are obvious: they reinforce the basis of Incel ideology simply and properly.

In a neighborhood of on the internet boys that are usually introverted and comfortable with numerical concept than a whole lot more abstract presentations of feelings, these Tinder graphs supply immediate reassurance. Read More »