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Eventually — the entire story of just how Twitter is started

The roots of Facebook have been around in argument ever since the extremely day a 19-year-old tag Zuckerberg founded the website as a Harvard sophomore.

After that also known as “,” this site is an instant success. Today, six ages later on, your website has grown to become one of the biggest the websites in the field, went to by 400 million men and women a month.

The debate encompassing Facebook began easily. A week after he launched the website in 2004, Mark had been accused by three Harvard seniors of obtaining stolen the theory from their website.

This allegation eventually bloomed into a full-fledged suit, as a fighting team started by Harvard seniors prosecuted tag and fb for theft and fraud, starting an appropriate odyssey that consistently this day.

Brand-new suggestions revealed by Silicon Alley Insider suggests that a few of the complaints against level Zuckerberg is appropriate. Read More »