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Online dating stats | a report of this information. Embed this as an infographic in your websites:

By Colette Murphy

My team and that I scoured online searching for all of the internet dating reports available, we after that curated them in to the best and easily digestible fact number, this procedure got 14 days. Below you might get our very own infographic in which we exhibited the data in tables and graphs to help highlight the data in a way that is very easily ate.

Some interesting statistics that failed to improve cut feature:

  • 53per cent of people sit on their internet dating users.
  • 48% of on line relationships conclude through e-mail.
  • A study from 2005 confirmed 25per cent of rapists made use of online dating so that they can select sufferers.
  • Last year by yourself, the FBI net criminal activity ailment middle lodged 5,600 grievances from sufferers of “romance scammers”. The collective sufferers losses accumulated to over fifty million money. But’s suspected your real amounts is significantly larger because embarrassment deters people from coming forward.
  • 30% of women online daters said they got unnecessary communications, best 6percent of men said equivalent. Read More »