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The Queer Kentucky realm of dating apps: Womxn�s edition

Carrie Radshaw � a Kentucky lesbian for a journey through dating into the Bluegrass. Less Manolo Blahnik, more Birkenstock.

Dating as being a lady that is queer be all challenging. With out a place that is womxn-focused in Louisville, apps have grown to be the method of connection.

So, let�s rank the apps exactly how queer womxn meet.

The Lex software was released in November being a extension regarding the personals that are former account. They describe by themselves as �a lo-fi, text-based dating and social software for lesbians, bisexuals, asexuals, and queer people,� which equals a completely picture-free, word-centric connector. While the �ads� are amazing. With headlines like: �Real Hot Butch Shit,� �ISO assist W effortless Veg Meals,� and �Let Me Paint You,� the 2-3 sentence personals consist of sexy to enjoyable, appearing age truth that is old queer individuals are the wittiest authors. Read More »