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Some one proclaiming become a veteran staff member uploaded a rant on Reddit telling youthful interns to ‘stay the f— out’


A Redditor explaining themselves on Tuesday as “an old people who has been at Amazon far too extended” discussed a controversial word of advice for incoming interns.

“you might be smart, run, and they are surely going to be effective in whatever you carry out, which is why i wish to recommend one to STAY THE F— outside of when it’s time for you really to create school and hop inside employees,” this individual wrote on a Reddit message board.

The anonymous commenter continues to critique Amazon’s work-life balance, difficult inventory choices, and performance-review procedure.

The Reddit posting enjoys since found flame, getting well over 500 commentary, some bad several favorable.

The fine detail in the posting reveals the individual features around some knowledge for the internal works of Amazon, though we were unable to validate the commenter’s personality or job updates.

An individual typed:

You already know that big stack of stock people hope a person in the offer document? You’re going to vest around 20% of these in your first two several years truth be told there.

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