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Real love: exactly what it really is and exactly exactly what it really isn’t. Have you any idea?

I will visualize a single day. Rice traveling, a limo pulling up to just just take him and me towards the airport, white groups of plants regarding the pews, rips within my mother’s eyes, my bridesmaids in lavender chiffon….

Everything of my wedding are worked out in my head day. Them all, that is, aside from the groom. Oops. That’s a part that is important huh? Love. It’s a commonly tossed around four-letter term. “Everyone loves macaroni and cheese.” “I adore their music.” Often, we also state, “I love him” or “I like her.”

What’s love that is real?

Could it be the heart-pounding adrenaline rush you’re feeling once you see…? The person is known by you I’m talking about. That hot man playing baseball during the gym… the precious woman whom makes attention contact as she passes by… the friend of a pal of a buddy… maybe a closest friend. Read More »