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5 strategies for dating some guy within an open relationship

Will it be simply me personally or are more gay guys than ever on Grindr / Scruff / Tinder / OkCupid / the Dating-Slash-Sex application that you choose in available relationships than previously?

The other day, we wandered you through ways to find out if being within an available relationship is right for your needs, and that’s all well and good if you should be usually the one driving that procedure…

But, exactly just what then, BAM!, you meet someone and you really hit it off and you find out that he’s already in a relationship if you’re out there living your best single life, not even thinking about open or polyamorous relationships, and.

Where do you turn then?

From getting included myself with guys which are currently in a relationship, to being the initial polyamorous person who a man has met / dated / fucked, to viewing my boyfriends date other folkson this one… I am deep in the trenches with you. Read More »