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Without a doubt more info on Sexual Attraction vs Sexual Behavior

Let’s Speak About Asexuality

The other day was asexuality awareness week , a celebration that is global advocacy motion of a identification that generally speaking does not have representation in media and also in some LGBTQ spaces. Although the week has ended, it is never far t late to improve awareness in what is actually described as the “ hidden orientation ”! We should break down just what it indicates to reside and love as an asexual individual in Nigeria and clear up some misconceptions relating to this identification. First things first definitions.

What Exactly Is Asexuality?

In other words, asexuality may be the not enough intimate attraction to other people or low or absent desire to have or desire to have sex. It could be considered a orientation that is sexual can coexist along with other types of attraction. You will be asexual and straight, gay and asexual, bi and asexual, etc. Asexuality, like many identities, additionally exists for a range, which simply ensures that asexual individuals can experience this lack of sexual interest in different means. Read More »