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When you notice this sign onea��re getting into a PlayZone rule lover site. Actually the venue agrees to both efforts around the PlayZone laws and also to staying analyzed for compliance by ACON.

The ACON PlayZone Rule incorporates:

  • Free condoms and lubricant are made available at all times.
  • 100 % free condoms and lubrication might be easily accessible near cities much like the darkroom.
  • Know-how leaflets on reproductive health, hospitals, HIV and STIs will be available.
  • Help and advice leaflets shall be obtainable near areas with excellent lighting effects.
  • Illumination is appropriate sufficient to help you check the budget offered; discover complimentary condoms and lubricant; hence employees can clean correctly and therefore you are able to see where you are went.
  • Maintenance is performed appropriately, by using the best tools therefore you dona��t obtain messier than you want to. Read More »