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OkCupid Takes Work Toward Firefox Chief Executive Officer’s Support of Gay Relationships Bar

OkCupid chance a pointer through some antigay tendency recently when the online dating service denounced contributions Mozilla Firefox’s unique President enabled to supporting a homosexual union ban by telling individuals to switch to a different internet browser.

Eventhough it was a student in 2008 that Brendan Eich provided $1,000 to support California’s idea 8 promotion, simply latest week—when he was known as Mozilla CEO—did he or she actually arrived under fire. During the last day or two Mozilla staff members and gay marriage followers have taken to Twitter and youtube to require Eich’s resignation or removing. The flood of news insurance coverage on the subject carried on as OkCupid announce a letter on its website landing page expressing disapproval of Eich.

We’ve been depressing to consider that any OkCupid page lots would even ultimately make contributions towards acclaim for somebody who reinforced Prop 8—and that for most we understand would support they once again. Read More »