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10 Usual Muslim Stereotypes. Its accurate. Muslims include stereotyped all the time

Yes. Its accurate. Muslims happen to be stereotyped regularly. Im positive most Muslims you may chat with will give various situations in which theyve already been stereotyped.

The following, you can find a good number of stereotypes that many of us have actually possibly seen as soon as in our lives.

1. will probably be your locks awesome extended under that scarf?

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For some reason, folks has a tendency to think Muslim ladies who manage hair have big in under their scarves. Sad to break it to you, but which is not at all times the case. The hair among Muslim female range immensely, therefores not at all times locs and locs of locks underneath.

2. I bet you bring numerous wives.

Polygamy cannot characterize Islam. Islam cannot equivalent polygamy. The reality is, you’ll probably find most Muslims that don’t apply polygamy compared to those that.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said these phrase in your final name information called All of our Commitment to Good relationship protects our personal usa : To our Muslim and African Brothers, you can talk about getting one or more wife as it is written in the Holy Quran, but they are all of us expert for your? Read More »