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Let’s face it, getting into a relationship that is new probably one of the most stimulating and exhilarating activities we can have actually.

And for us to theorize about being in control of our emotions in such situations, with such a large physical component also taking place, (the neuro-transmitters dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin are activated by attraction), it’s often difficult to have a complete handle on what the right choices might be for us while it’s easy. The idealistic view of bouncing in to a relationship headfirst can appear much like the way that is only go at the same time, but we sometimes regret it in hindsight whenever we select the commitment burning off out of an excessive amount too soon. As conscious daters though, it will be that much easier to pace a new relationship to give it a longer life-span if we can wrap our head around some smarter steps to take while we’re not in a state of heightened emotion.

Tips on Pacing a whole new Connection

1. Withstand Acting on Every Impulse. You know when you believe urge to often call or content the new sweetheart, only to inform them you experienced a time that is great or you’re thinking of them? Read More »