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Generators wiring query. The electricians should chime on shortly, but solution this

Your concern simply leaves a great number of variables I do not learn the direction to go. Conceivable you could describe just what certain equiptment we put and ways in which a person wired they.

Some questions about the electricians will love discover.

Make and model of gen? Does indeed the gen get GFI protection/bonded un-bonded? Did you install a transfer change or providing the primary section with breakers? Do you have a interlock if providing the primary board?

Photographs of every thing you did can help considerably if you like the best way forward right here.

Just what they all are an individual trying to power up once the breaker tours?

I’d not use the engine hooked up towards decorate into the 120V sole mode until you have actually planned and created your very own set-up just for the.

Just how to send images:

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